Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors and officers insurance is a policy designed to offer personal liability cover for company directors, officers and managers to protect them from claims that may arise from the decisions and actions they take as part of their regular duties.

There are some common misconceptions about the cover, “It’s only for publicly traded or large companies”, “I’m never going to be in a position where I could be sued by my employees or stakeholders”, “It’s too expensive to consider”.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider a policy

Here are some of the covers available under a directors and officers insurance policy. A full list of cover is available on request.






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As a company director you have unlimited personal liability. Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance covers the legal and compensation costs of claims made against the director, partner or officer of your business.

The policy covers your personal wealth, or that of any director or officers for defence costs incurred during a claim and awards made against you.

  • Claims by investors or other shareholders
  • Defence costs and awards of claims arising from your personal involvement with the administration of company pensions
  • Defence costs, compensation and fines payable as a result of health and safety claims from an injured employee